May 24, 2011

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Video – May 24, 2011

How do you spell OVERTRAINING? I think that is what is happening. The ability to recover is difficult for Gillian. I watch her attempt to give her absolute best every day, but it is apparent that there is a little bit of over training going on. In six weeks, this is what we have seen:

Squat (3×5): 185-235 (50 lbs)
Bench (3×5) : 155-180 (25lbs) – Had to stop here because she strained her left pec on the 3rd set a week and a half ago, Currently doing Snatch practice whenever bench comes up.
Deadlift (1×5): 225-270 (45lbs)
Press (3×5): 105-118 (13lbs)

She PR’d her Clean & Jerk at 80 Kilos, with crappy form.
She PR’d her Snatch at 58 Kilos, again with crappy form.

HUGE numbers, HUGE growth. So, we are going to take a back off couple of days, and come back ready after Memorial Day. In the mean time, I am going to get with Coach Rippetoe and see if we can figure out a program with a little bit of variation so keep it in the box for Gillian to keep training.

I know that there is a lot more in the tank, particularly with the Oly lifts, so we need to get rested and ready to go for the long fight!

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This was not an easy decision for Gillian. She is pig headed at best, but finally acquiesced under immense pressure. It’s hard to know when to say “when”.


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