June 5, 2011

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Video – June 5, 2011

Ever have one of those days where you just aren’t sure if you should, rest, workout, do something different, or go shopping? That was Gillian today. Today was the 7th day on a 6 day cycle. Life is in the way of our plan. Tomorrow we will rest, (should have been today). Gillian’s cervical spine injury is resurfacing a little bit, so we elected not to Front Squat over 135lbs for 3. Given the lack of rest, irritated nervous system, and indicators of possible problems, we also elected to work on the Snatch from the floor (first time since visiting Paulie at South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club) at a light weight – vice going heavy. We then transitioned to working on the split jerk from the blocks. The title of the screen indicates the plan…the video indicates reality.

Again – life is what happens when you are making all the plans. I’m proud of my wife, and enjoying every minute of this.

Good day, Gillian did very well with the Split Jerk, maxing out at 76 Kgs…

In strength,


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