June 10, 2011

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Video – June 8, 2011
iPod/iPhone Video – June 10, 2011

Short one today. We hit CrossFit SoCal yesterday for their afternoon class. Gillian wanted a break, a change in routine so elected to do the WOD. She squatted 12 sets of 2 on the minute at 215lbs, and then did the WOD. Let’s just say that all this training works.

As a result, she only pressed today. The base gym on NAS North Island does not have fractionals, so like last Tuesday, we made a big jump on the press. The result – instead of going from 120lbs to 123lbs, Gillian jumped to 125lbs. Tough.

Headed out to Prescott, AZ. Hoping to meet Lauren Jenai at her new affilliate Captain CrossFit.

We’ll do our best to train tomorrow and rest on Sunday, but we will adjust if necessary.

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