Gillian Mounsey's Fundamentals of Gymnastics Workshop


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This one-day activity based workshop is designed to improve performance and basic gymnastics skills. Participants will gain a better knowledge of basic gymnastics exercise as well as how to teach and scale appropriately to ensure safety and maximize results. Focus is on core strengthening, injury prevention, and improved performance through practice and mastery of bodyweight movement.

The workshop is divided into 4 distinct 90 minute segments. Each segment contains a short lecture followed by practical application (movement) and a Q&A specific to the covered material. The final hour will address programming, incorporating gymnastics skills into workouts, and a review of teaching cues and spotting.

Attendees should dress in proper workout attire and bring a towel, notebook, and pen. Activity is fairly strenuous - adequate rest is recommended prior to the day of the workshop.


9am-5pm (one hour lunch break)

Reading Materials:

Handouts will be provided.

Part 1: Warm-ups and Bar Variations

  • Why gymnastics?
    • A brief history of the sport and why we incorporate it in our training
    • Strength, flexibility and functional ROM (lecture)
  • Movement preparation
    • Warm-ups
    • Full body ROM for gymnastic exercise (exercise)
  • Taping demo - maintaining our hands
  • Bar Variations
  • Movement in a stable plane - exercises will include:
    • Dead Hang Pull Ups
    • Kipping Swing
    • Kipping Pull Ups
    • "Monkey Bars"
    • Multiple variations of toes to bar including rotational plane work
  • Q&A
Part 2: Ring Variations
  • Movement preparation- warming up for an unstable plane
  • Movement in an unstable plane
  • Exercises will include ring support, tuck/L-sits, ring dips, ring rows, ring push-ups, inversions, skin the cats and muscle-ups
  • Participants will learn scaling, progression and strength building sequences for each exercise
  • Q&A
Gillian Approaches Rings

Part 3: Handstands

  • Brief lecture on handstand mechanics, kinesthetic awareness of inversion and joint stress
  • Warm-up and ROM exercise
  • Progressions to include incline push-ups (multiple variation), walking-up the wall, kick-ups, isometric holds, safe bail-out, handstand push-ups and the unsupported handstand
  • Q&A
Part 4: Lower body gymnastics and floor based core strengthening
  • Brief lecture on the importance of core strengthening with regard to injury prevention and maximizing force production
  • Lower body exercises will include pistols and multi directional lunges
  • Core exercises will include back extensions, bridges, hollow rocks, unanchored sit-ups, tuck/L-sits, planks
  • Q&A

Summary: Programming, Teaching cues and spotting, Review


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